Crystal S, 22

“I am a 22 year old and enjoy seeing Dr. Galbraith, He listens and understands my needs. His office
staff is also friendly and caring.
Jason S. , 41

“My 10- year- old boy was having trouble sleeping and had learning problems at school. After a few
visits with Dr. g
albraith, his troubles were diagnosed, and he is a happy child again and. Thank you,
Nichole. L. , 27

“When my 10- month- old son wouldn't stop crying, I brought him t o see Dr. Galbraith. Dr. Galbraith
quickly diagnosed and treated an ear infection, and my son "was finally able to sleep.”
Peter Z. , 19

“"I was having problems concentrating, It was difficult for me to read and pay attention when
studying or watching a movie. Dr.
Galbraith helped me understand my problem and helped me
begin a treatment program. I feel much better.”
Mark Galbraith, M.D., Inc.
Family Practice
Sports Medicine